Integrity - February

INTEGRITY: February’s Key to Success
February, 2018

Dear Mill Pond Students and Families,

This month the Key Value is Integrity. Integrity means being honest with oneself and others at all times.  Doing the right thing even when you think nobody is watching. Showing integrity is a choice. There is a big difference between knowing the right thing to do and actually doing it. I feel very lucky to work at Mill Pond where character education is so important. I see and hear examples of students and staff showing integrity every day! At Mill Pond, people turn in things that others have lost, rather than keeping it for themselves. Students admit to mistakes or bad choices and want to fix them. I see students making sure that others get a chance to catch the ball in football, or get a turn to kick the ball in kickball, or invite someone to sit with them at lunch when a peer appears to be alone.   

Last week the fourth and fifth grade students attended an amazing poetry assembly with Sarah Holbrook and Michael Salinger. We learned about many different types of poems, and students were so excited and actively participated. Following the assembly one class wrote a poem about the cafeteria, which I enjoyed reading. So, I thought I would share my Integrity recipe poem with all of you. Version one I wrote with Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Washington, and Mrs. Nephew. I hope some of you will consider writing a poem this month about integrity and share it with me.

Integrity Recipe

On the big yellow bus, when no one is watching,

stir up a pound of strong morals with 3 cups of courage

to stand up for a student who is in need.

Combine your sense of self and inner strength,

with four tablespoons of trustworthiness.

Pour in a healthy portion of fairness and righteousness.

Bake in an oven until integrity bubbles over!


So, what are you going to do today to show your integrity? Remember integrity is doing the right thing even when you think nobody is watching! Having integrity gives you a sense of power and strength on the inside.


Ms. Kovaleski