Useful Information


School Hours and Transportation

School hours are from 7:45 am to 2:08 pm. Students are encouraged to arrive no later than 7:35 am. On early release days, school is dismissed at 11:05 am.
Requests for changes to daily bus schedules are discouraged due to the number of student riders and may not be made without prior arrangement with the Principal's Office.


Parents are asked to call school (508.836.7780) by 7:30 on the morning of your student's absence to report that your child will not be in school. An answering machine is available to accept recorded messages, prior to the start of the school day. State your child's name, grade, teacher and brief reason for the absence. Any student's absence not reported at this time will be investigated and a parent will be called. After every absence a note is required upon the students return, even when absences have been reported by phone. The note should include the child's name, the date(s) of the absence, the reason for absence, and a parent signature.

Dismissal and Pickup

If a student typically rides a bus and picking up your child at dismissal time is not normally your child’s routine, the parent must send a note to the teacher in the morning stating that the student will be a “parent pick up” at the end of the day. The note should indicate that the student will be picked up instead of riding the bus and the note should include the name of the person who will pick up the child. The adult picking up the child should come to the exterior cafeteria door at 2:06 and sign the child out on the “Student Dismissal-Parent Pick-up” sheet.
If a student is to be dismissed from school before the end of the day, the parent must send a note to the teacher in the morning stating when the student will be dismissed and the reason for the dismissal (doctor’s appointment, etc.). The student’s parent must come in to the office to sign out the student, recording the time of dismissal and the reason for early dismissal. The student will then be called to the office.
Calling the office to change dismissal plans is strongly discouraged. If a change in dismissal plans is needed due to an emergency, please call before 1:10 pm that day. We will notify the student so that he/she knows they will be parent pick-up and will come to the main lobby at dismissal time.

Late Arrival

Students who arrive after 7:45am must be accompanied by a parent and signed in at the front office.

School Cancellation

When school is cancelled because of weather conditions, all registered families should receive phone and/or email notification from our iContact system. Please make certain that your contact information is up to date in PowerSchool.  
Notifications will also be given to the following radio and television stations by 6:00 am:
Radio: WTAG, WRKO, WHDH, and WBZ
Television: CHANNELS 4, 5, 7, and local access CABLE 12 (Charter) or CABLE 24 (Verizon).

One or Two Hour Delay in Starting Time

On a day where weather forces a delay in opening school, there will be notification via the Connect Ed system indicating whether it will be a one, or two hour delayed start. You may also use the above listed media for this information.

When there is a one or two-hour delay in our start time, school buses will correspondingly pick up our students one-hour later or two hours later than the regularly scheduled time. Special Education transportation will also be delayed one hour or two hours unless the student is notified otherwise. Daily dismissal times will always remain as normal.

Early Dismissal of School

Under the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools, the school may be released early in such cases as snow emergencies and extended lack of electricity, heat or water. Notification will be made by the superintendent or school principal via the Connect Ed emergency call system.  Please make sure your contact information is kept up to date in PowerSchool.

School System Phone Numbers

Central Office 508.836.7700
Westborough High School 508.836.7720
Gibbons Middle School 508.836.7740
Mill Pond School 508.836.7780
Armstrong School 508.836.7760
Fales School


Hastings School 508.836.7750