Welcome Letters & Supply Info

Welcome to Mill Pond School. Please look below to see your team's welcome letter and school supplies list.

Please double check your teacher's welcome letter as they may have requested other supplies in addition to the general supply lists.

  • Grade 6 [Supply List]

    • Imagination Hallway

      • Mrs. Casparriello

      • Ms. Charteris

      • Mrs. Gardner

      • Ms. Gowen

      • Mrs. Johnson

      • Mr. Maletta

      • Mrs. Pritchett

    • Wisdom Way

      • Mr. Rogers

      • Mrs. Hopkinson

      • Ms. Thompson

      • Mrs. Donahue

      • Mrs. Garrett

      • Mrs. McCarthy

      • Mrs. Whites

4th Grade School Supplies List
5th Grade School Supplies List
6th Grade School Supplies List