Prevent The Slide - Summer Reading & Math Practice

Preventing The Summer Slide - Summer Reading & Math Practice
Posted on 06/26/2017


June 19, 2017

Dear Westborough K-6 Families,

Summer is the perfect time for students of all ages to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with family and friends, but it’s also a time when summer learning loss can occur. This learning loss is called the “summer slide,” and it happens when children do not engage in educational activities during the summer months.  Luckily, there’s a lot you can do—and it doesn’t have to be a drag, either! Summers are for fun, and that’s why we have some fun solutions for you and your child to work on together.


Summertime is the perfect time to foster your child’s love of reading! You will find book recommendations by clicking here. The books selected have been grouped by age appropriateness and incoming grade level. The titles, authors, and series listed are merely recommendations. We encourage students to choose books of interest that they can be read smoothly, understood well, and enjoyed.

This year, we’re partnering with the Westborough Public Library and encourage you to sign up for their summer reading program. Online reading logs and challenges are available through Westborough Public Library. Students entering grades 4 and 5 can access online summer reading logs here and students entering grade 6 can access here.  The important thing is to KEEP READING, WRITING, AND THINKING!


You will find a variety of mathematical activities organized by grade level to try at home by clicking here.The goal is for your child to have fun while thinking and working collaboratively to communicate mathematical ideas. The activities reflect a range of difficulty with the intent that your child can choose the activities that are at a “just right” level. Many of the activities are open-ended enough so that they can be made easier or more difficult to suit your child's learning style. It is important to ask your child how he found a solution or why she chose a particular strategy while working on these activities.  Be sure to enjoy the mathematics and discover the math all around you!!!

Teachers will start the 2017-18 school year getting to know their new readers, writers, and mathematicians. Students will engaging in activities like book talks, sharing and recommending books they read over the summer, and a variety of math activities that will help teachers to get to know their learners. Your support in ensuring a successful transition back to school by encouraging active engagement in math and literacy over the summer months is greatly appreciated.


Elizabeth Berry Stephanie Nephew  Jenny Dean
Literacy Coordinator Literacy Coordinator Math Coordinator