Monthly Key Value Letter

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Each month, the Mill Pond Administrative team of Suzanne Kenny, Jeff Slomski, and Maura Kovaleski writes a “Principal’s Monthly Message” that we share with our students at school and with you on our website.  This message will focus on one of our monthly Key Values.  These key values are an essential component of our character education program and they guide our daily planning and interactions with students.  It is our hope that by sharing this message with you that students will see that the school supports the same values being taught at home and that their parents/guardians support the school’s message to them. The strength of our collaboration, evidenced by what we model for our children and the conversations we have with them, will help guide our children through the pre-teen years, and into becoming competent, confident, and caring adolescents.  Together, we will help each of our students to maximize his/her potential and be resilient, empathetic, skilled, and productive global citizens.