Monthly Key Value Letter

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  Peter Guellnitz, Principal                                                                    Maura Kovaleski, Jeff Slomski, Assistant Principals

November 2, 2019

Dear Mill Pond Students and Families,

I am excited to write you about our key value for the month of November, which is responsibility. Rather than just writing to you, I thought you might enjoy a short video and song that teaches us more about responsibility. First, take a minute and talk to the person next to you about what responsibility means to you? What are your responsibilities? I think being responsible means being accountable for your words and actions, exercising self-control, and having a sense of duty to complete tasks. Being responsible means that when you are making a decision, you consider how your decision will affect you and the people around you before you act.  It means that people can count on you to do the right thing, even when no one is telling you what to do or is watching you. Being responsible means “doing your job”, as the Patriots say.

Please watch this 2 minute video to learn more responsibility, you can stop at the 2:22 mark..

For those of you who like music, here is a great 2 minute song about responsibility

At Mill Pond I see students and staff being being responsible every day and being responsible is a skill that we all can continue to strengthen. So this month I challenge everyone to look for moments when you can show yourself and others how responsible you are. 

Responsibly Yours,

Ms. Kovaleski