Monthly Key Value Letter

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  Peter Guellnitz, Principal                                                                    Maura Kovaleski, Jeff Slomski, Assistant Principals


RESPECT  September’s Key to Success September 9, 2019

Dear Mill Pond students,

I hope your school year is off to a great start. From what I’m seeing around the school, things seem to be off to a terrific beginning: 6th grade already earned free seating at lunch, 5th grade is very close, and 4th graders are quickly learning the new routines and expectations. More important than those accomplishments, I’ve seen so many smiling faces on every floor. That’s students and teachers! That tells me that everyone is bringing their positive energy with them when they come through the Mill Pond doors in the morning. Let’s keep it going :)

Each month this year, either Mr. Guellnitz, Ms. Kovaleski, or I will write a letter that your teacher will read to you. This letter will focus on the value that we have chosen to emphasize for that month. This month, we want to talk to you about the need to RESPECT each other. It’s the first value we focus on each year in September because it is so very important. 

With everything we do, we need always to think about how our actions might be affecting others. If Mill Pond is going to be a great school community, we must all ask ourselves these questions:

  • Do I treat other people the way I want to be treated?


  • Am I considerate of other people? 


  • Do I think of how what I do or say may make them feel?


  • Do I accept the differences between me and others all around me?


  • Do I NEVER intentionally ridicule, embarrass, or hurt other people?


If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you are already demonstrating respectful behavior.  If you’re unsure, then maybe you need to concentrate a little harder on trying to show respect. I know you can do it!

You may already know that I like games and challenges. Here’s my September Respect challenge for you. Below is an acronym - the first letters of these words spell out the word “RESPECT”:




Empathy, and a 



If you can memorize these seven words and say them all in order to Mr. G, Ms. Kovaleski, or me, we will be very impressed - and probably give you a big high ten (not just a high five!) At the same time, you’ll have mastered the meaning of respect. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and a very successful, happy rest of September.


Mr. Slomski